Loving others comes so easy and naturally…the journey to self love and self worth can take days, weeks, months or years.  For some, it may take a lifetime.

How often in life have you decided not to do something for fear of what others would think? Have you ever felt unloved because of something someone else said to you? Do you say and think unloving and unkind things about yourself?

I have been chewing on this for a bit but had’t quite figured out how I wanted to approach this…and then today I drew this card from my deck of Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay.

Orange Affirmation Card with Flower Back of orange affirmation card


Those four words are so powerful…I AM WORTH LOVING!

There have been seasons in my life that I can honestly say I didn’t like myself let alone love myself (or at least components of myself). I had to come to the conclusion that if I didn’t like/love myself, how do I expect anyone else to?

Have you ever settled in your life because you did not feel worthy or felt someone else deserved it more?

If you don’t value your own worth, how will anyone else?

Today I wish for you is to pause and reflect how you treat yourself…do you treat yourself with the honor, respect and love you deserve?

If your answer is NO…

✅ I would ask you what is preventing you from loving and honoring who you are?
✅ Are there things in your life you still need to forgive yourself for?

It is so much easier to forgive others over ourselves…things you need to forgive yourself for may not even be your own stuff! It could be “stories” that were told to you during childhood, that you have carried throughout your life and are simply not serving you any longer.

If you forgive yourself, you would have to….?
What would it mean to forgive yourself?
Who are you when these burdens are no longer yours to carry?

My sincere hope is that in answering the above questions, you will release yourself from carrying unforgiveness in your heart and will allow you to truly shine like the bright light you were born to be 💖