You might remember at the beginning of the year the buzz around choosing a WORD that would DEFINE your year.

I chose a WORD for 2018…a word that I thought would embody all I ASPIRED to BE personally and professionally. However methodical I was in my DECISION in my CHOICE of a WORD, as 2018 has continued to unfold, my WORD hasn’t HELD UP, or at least not as I intended.

The word I chose at the beginning of 2018 was BALANCE…

I needed and wanted to make some changes as life was chaotic, and instead of being the fun, loving mom I wanted to be, I found myself stressed and tired and more and more bound to my computer when I should have been enjoying time with my kiddos.😢

At the end of March, we took in another kiddo and BALANCE was nowhere to be found…more chaos, more appointments, social worker visits, parent visits, tantrums, meltdowns (him not me😂) all while attempting to BALANCE my existing routine, time with kids, work, and find time with my husband.

Words like…WINE, COFFEE, BREATHE, EXHAUSTION, BURNOUT, LOVE, COMPASSION, GUILT and MORE WINE, and MORE COFFEE😉😉 were more appropriate WORDS for the season I have been in over the past few months.

Nearly four months after getting our kiddo, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…I am finding a NEW NORMAL and realizing that my INTENTION of BALANCE looks A LOT different today than what it did at the beginning of the year!

Did you choose a WORD to DEFINE 2018? How has that WORD evolved as 2018 has progressed? Is it still your WORD or does a different WORD describe your situation better?

All in all, I love the concept of choosing a word, it gives you something to strive for and to help BALANCE (there is that word again) you when you may need it most.

However, I have seen many people get fixated on the WORD…life is going to happen, we can choose to roll with it or fight against it. If your WORD doesn’t quite fit or does not hold up to all you imagined, maybe it is not the word itself but the intentions you are putting on that word.

I have had to look at BALANCE a whole new way…the way I thought I would be referring to that word at the beginning of the year is far different that how I am approaching that word in my life today.

Guess what? It all counts!