Thoughts can keep you stuck or propel you forward.

Have you ever wondered why something keeps happening to you over and over again?

As a baby, you came into this life full of potential and in love with who you are.

You didn’t come into life questioning who you are or feeling insecure.

You just knew that you are loveable.

Somewhere in the process, you started telling your mind different stories and forming beliefs about yourself, other people, and life in general.

Some of these beliefs may have served a purpose to protect you during difficult times in your life but as you evolve and your life circumstances change, these beliefs are no longer needed.

Your minds learn via repetition…you program your mind to act a certain way in situations. So even though you may now want a different outcome, your brain may still be conditioned in how it responds.


Yup!  Your brain will prove you right!  That is because if you think something is or isn’t going to happen, your brain is conditioned by stories you have told it to ensure it does or doesn’t happen!

For instance, have you ever had a job interview, and while on paper you were a perfect match, but you still didn’t get the job? When you found out you didn’t get the job, you weren’t surprised…maybe even minimizing the fact you didn’t get the job by thinking that it was a long shot or that you weren’t the right fit?

Maybe you tell yourself you are a bad cook…one day you are cooking cookies and maybe you burn them or forget to put the sugar in or lost count and put too much in.  What do you think you will say to yourself or your family when the cookies don’t turn out?  “I told you I was a bad cook!”

Are the stories you keep telling yourself true?  

Thoughts manifest into form! Meaning if you don’t believe you have a chance of getting the job or that while you are qualified, maybe on some level don’t deserve it…your brain will prove you right and you will end up sabotaging yourself in the long run!

You have to choose new stories to tell yourselves and trick your mind, even when you don’t yet believe it.

What is ONE new story you can start telling yourself today?