Race season is just around the corner and today I went for my first run in 4 months, my TomTom died halfway through the run so don’t know my time or what my splits were but I got my 4 miles in and it felt GREAT!!

During my run, I started thinking about this new season I am in my life.   I am a Mom in her 40’s with kids ranging from 4-20, all with varying degrees of needs and diagnosis’s and all still at home, I love to run Half-Marathons, I am an entrepreneur in the process of building and operating  2 businesses and will launch a 3rd in a couple of months, and I am a woman now experiencing a little thing called menopause. Over the past 6 months, I have gone through some metamorphosis mentally, physically, and hormonally.

Life is busy but honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way…I like being my own boss and while building as a business is hard work and it takes time to get clients, it has been worth it for me and my family as I am able to be home for our younger boys, go-to therapies, help with after school activities, ect…we have had to make some sacrifices along the way and be more budget-minded but we know this too is only for a season.

During training, I was tired and no matter how much I trained or tried to decrease my split times, it just wasn’t happening.  I had bursitis in my hip and some knee pain but nothing I couldn’t manage without my KT Tape.  It just didn’t make sense…

Remember the girl who ran a race in London without a tampon?

Well as it turns out, that was me in July of 2015 (only it wasn’t planned), running a Half Marathon in my hometown and middle of the race, I looked down and saw my baby blue shorts and thighs blood-stained:-(  I stopped at the next porta-potty and this lady looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “What can you do?”.  I finished the race and was thoroughly embarrassed as I crossed the finish line and found my friend…little did I know that this was just the beginning of a 16 – 18 week ordeal (I lost count after a while) that I refer to as Bloody Hell!

Who has time for such things?  Seriously!!

I am in a bit of a dry spell and now experiencing the joys of hot flashes. I tell my older kids I am going through adult puberty and my 7 yo thinks it is hilarious and will go and put his hands in cold water in an attempt to cool me off…hahaha.

Yesterday at the store, while I was attempting to get my 4yo to walk beside me instead of noodling on the ground, my 7 yo pops out, “Mom, are you having one of those hot flashes?”  A lady walking by just smiled and nodded in acknowledgment.

I remember watching my Mom, go outside when it was cold and I would just laugh.  I now have had the pleasure of doing the same thing and my kids now laugh at me…

It is funny to think about, but it is kind of like a sisterhood – only the women who have or are going through it can empathize and laugh with you:-)

I have no idea what this race season holds for me – I am taking it all in stride, enjoying the process and have my eye on a few races.  I do know that for the foreseeable future, come race day I will have a tampon in my race belt and it will be black shorts for me.