The way you feel about anything at all comes down to TWO things:

  1. The pictures you make in your head
  2. The words you tell yourself

The images that we feed our brain and the words that we use, both have an equal impact!

Imagine, on one hand, you hold a beautiful butterfly and on the other hand, you hold a cockroach…my guess is, that you have two very different reactions to those images.

Somewhere in life, you told your brain cockroaches were bad and butterflies were good…

That happens all day long through images and verbal dialogue you have with yourself.

Have you ever wondered why something keeps happening to you over and over again?

Your minds learn via repetition…you program your mind to act a certain way in situations. So even though you may now want a different outcome, your brain may still be conditioned in how it responds.

If you want a different outcome, you have to choose new stories to tell yourself and trick your mind, even when you don’t yet believe it.

For me, affirmations have been the key to changing old and sometimes new belief patterns that are not true or no longer serve me.

I have several “go-to” affirmations that I use on a daily basis to keep me grounded when that little voice starts to creep up and I want to share the power of affirmations with you:-)

I have been creating affirmation downloads for my cell phone and laptop for several months now and have come to love them. I often have people ask me where I got my phone screensaver when they see my phone so I am sharing this month’s affirmation downloads that I created for myself with you!

words on ipad, iphone and desktop with pink background

CLICK HERE to download your affirmations.

I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do!

With Gratitude,