I have been thinking about gratitude lately…

Choosing to be grateful is not always the easiest choice for adults and yet, we as parents, expect our children will be grateful for all that we provide and all that they have.

I can’t count how many times I have either heard other parents say to their children or have said to my children, “You should be grateful for what you have…there are a lot of kids in this world that would give anything to have what you have.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying this to your kids?

I bet you have…

I recently was reminded about not only the act of being the recipient of gratitude but also giving it.

My 9 yo and I were at a drive up window and there were two gals, one who took our money and  the other handed us our food…both had scowls on their faces, seemed angry at the world and did not seem as if they wanted to be there in the least.

I promptly thanked them both gals with a smile and told them to have a great rest of their day, hoping that a smile and a nice gesture would be a bright spot in their day.

The gal that took my money said nothing back and the gal that gave us our food said, “thanks, you do the same” but it was not heartfelt…there was no emotion, it felt like she was saying it because she felt like she had to.

After driving off, my son said, “Mom, they were really rude!”

I said “maybe, but maybe they are just having a really bad day.”

Woman sitting on rock meditating


I proceeded to explain to him that there was a time, that the interaction with the two gals would have got me upset and I would have taken that interaction to heart but that I have been working really hard at being thankful and not taking things so personally because it made Mom’s heart feel bad.

I am so thankful for these teaching moments…I was able to go on and have a conversation with my son about how there are kids at his school that make him angry when they tease him or make fun of him and that he can either choose to get angry (which affects only him) or approach the situation through love and just be thankful that those are not kids that he chooses to spend his time with.

I know…it is not always that simple!


We always have a choice in how we respond…if we respond in anger, we feel it to our core and it feeds that anger; if we slow our response time down, we don’t get that cortisol rush and we can find some way to spin it in to a positive.

I was able to share with him that Mom is changing how she reacts to things not only because she wants to be a good role model for him, Boo and Ky but that Mom’s heart genuinely feels better when she isn’t quick to judge and responds in a more positive manner.

I love being able to show my kids that I am in a work in progress, I make mistakes but that I am also continually learning, growing and changing who I BE.

I am thankful that in these moments, I can teach my kids that no one is perfect, not even Mom😉, and when we treat others from a place of love, we feel better and are in a better place to receive love.😍

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Wishing you an amazing day!