About Dena McComb

Dena is the owner and founder of A Brain Fit Life. She has a passion for empowering Foster, Adoptive and Special Needs parents to embrace the messy and fill their cups. Dena also speaks on important topics related to brain health that include self-care, mindset, benefits of neurofeedback, the brain-gut connection, and brain nutrition.

Power of Self Talk

THE POWER OF SELF TALK Thoughts can keep you stuck or propel you forward. Have you ever wondered why something keeps happening to you over and over again? As a baby, you came into this life full of potential and in love with who you are. You didn’t come into

Reflections of a Mom

REFLECTIONS OF A MOM This surgery that I was about to have, put an end to any lingering thought that I would ever carry a child. As I was sitting in the waiting room for my surgery yesterday, I began praying for ease of mind and comfort for my children,

No Ordinary Race

NO ORDINARY RACE Race season is just around the corner and today I went for my first run in 4 months, my TomTom died halfway through the run so don't know my time or what my splits were but I got my 4 miles in and it felt GREAT!! During