Power of Unmet Expectations

When expectations go unmet, parents over time can develop can develop what is called, Compassion Fatigue. If you continue at the pace you’re on, you eventually will find it difficult to invest in the child, regardless of biology.

Once compassion fatigue sets in, physiological changes begin to take place with the brain, making it difficult to implement strategies needed to get back on track.

It is natural to have expectations, hopes and dreams for your children and family – regardless of whether that child joins the family by birth or adoption.

  • You expect your child will hit the age appropriate milestones and be ready for school and beyond.
  • You dreamt of a child who would do well in school, sports or the arts and is liked and accepted by peers.
  • You created an image in your head of a blissfully happy family with your now adopted child but your current reality is anything but…
  • You expected to feel love, bonding and connection with your adopted child and expected the child would love and bond with you in return.
  • You expected family and friends to support you and not judge when your childs’ behavior issues shine through.
  • You never expected to feel regret, guilt, bitterness and resentment towards your child and your circumstances.
  • Routines and responsibilities have pushed your big hopes and dreams right out the window…
  • YOU feel lost and perhaps even a little embarrassed about your current family circumstances…
  • YOU are naturally generous. YOU “do” and give so much for others and have very little time for yourself…
  • You are feeling disconnected in your marriage and you can’t remember the last time you had a date night or had a REAL conversation.



You are committed to having a happy and healthy family and marriage, but you’re not sure if you have the energy (and let’s me honest, you are a bit skeptical that things will change) or where to start…

My mission is to empower parent’s raising high needs kids to embrace the messy, fill up their cups, and connect at the heart so that they can LOVE the life they’re in!


“It always seems impossible until it is done…” – Nelson Mandella

A Special Note to my Mama’s!

You’ve given so much each and every day…

You have been so strong in fighting the good fight even when you didn’t know what you were fighting for.

Now it’s your turn to set aside time for yourself and prioritize your happiness.
Together we will reignite that beautiful spark that you still have inside of you so that you can continue to love on and advocate for those you love the most.
I can’t wait to witness you spread your wings!

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